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Do you have a Vacancy?


Our professionals assist in establishing the optimum fair market rent and providing a marketing plan specific to your property. We network with other agencies and cooperations to obtain maximum marketing results in order to minimize vacancy and maximize your asset result.

We use the most effective advertising tools available. In addition to utilizing multiple internet resources and traditional media advertising, we work with military relocation services and out of state / country placement specialists.

All Service markets vacancies by whatever means that have proven effective for that property:

  • Internet Advertising: Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, Google Base, Oodle.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, AllServicePropertyManagement.com, Craigslist, AHRN
  • Print Advertising: Targeted advertising in local neighborhood newspapers such as the TierraTimes and other online resources like with Angie’s List
  • Rental List: Because of our 20 year history, many prospects call us for a free vacancy list. These calls are a reflection of our experience and visibility in the San Diego renter’s community and an added bonus in choosing All Service as your leasing agent.
  • Signs: The most important advertising available

Screening Process

All Service views tenant selection as one of our most important functions. We use a state of the art merged credit report background check that looks at all the reporting agencies along with follow up housing and financial reference checks. These necessary checks aid in protecting you and your investment.

Lease Signing: Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs a lease which has extensive safeguards for the property owner and complies with all San Diego and CA state laws. The tenant must provide a security deposit and first month’s rent in certified funds before a lease is signed.

Accounting: Once the new tenant has signed the lease and funds collected, a full accounting is made and a distribution is made to you

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